Alourdam Cigars

You have help grow my business visual 100%. You are the most detail oriented person I know and you are an overachiever without a doubt.

Black Pages International

The input and impact that you have had on my business over a period of more than ten years is beyond mere words or numbers. Yes, without your input and integrity my deadlines would not have been met and thousands of clients would have be disappointed. My business is performance based. You my friend are a peak performer. I applaud your decision to focus more on self discovery. If there is anything I can do to assist you with in your quest, don’t hesitate to reach out. Needless, to say whenever their was a goal to hit.. You, my friend helped me to hit it. You, my friend are irreplaceable.

CDL Consultant, Inc.

You have created a clear, clean, and recognizable brand for all of my companies. Your creativity as allowed us to stand out amongst our competition. By being accessible you have allowed us greater flexibility to serve our customers. You have also taken ownership over your expansive role that allowed you to make suggestions and improvements that might not have other wise been thought of.

HOPE Productions

We’ve worked together since 2009. For every project that you’ve completed for us, you have captured the vision of our ideas. I haven’t trusted many others with our work because I’ve always trusted that you could understand our vision, no matter how cryptic it was. That is what sets you apart from other graphic artists. You are anointed in what you do. It is evident that you value the work you do for your customers, and because of that, we’ve received amazing responses to our varied events. Your flyers have drawn people to our stage plays, conferences and expos. Your work draws people in.

Creative Sizzle

Ricky has been a great asset to our company for 10+ years. His work is exceptional, understanding the tasks and creative in his designs every time. It is amazing how he sees the vision of the client, even when they don’t, and his positive attitude make him the perfect resource for me. Whenever we call him for additional work, he is ready and able, even when I know he is too busy to take on more work. He is a leader and someone I would trust not only client relationships with, but also my family. He is a friend, an awesome father and family man, and he is always doing the right thing.

Moves and Motions School of Dance

You have been absolutely outstanding! Gracious and kind, detailed and thorough, creative and innovative and truly a professional! I honestly don’t know what I will do without you. You’ve transformed the impression of my online presence from average to amazing! My logos over and over revamped without me even having to give much input! Thank you for being so easy to work with. I’ve been so comfortable with you and you always made me feel like I knew what I was doing, even though I was clueless.

Global Music Link LLC

Ricky White has been working with Global Music Link for many years. It’s not just about his design abilities. It is about his intuitiveness and his unique ability to interpret your needs. I would not have been able to build an international music marketing and distribution business overseas without his abilities, resources and forward thinking perspective.

William King for Sheriff of Lake County Campaign

Richard has been heaven sent. He is the consummate professional who goes out of his way to assist others. Ricky is definitely a person that I would recommend to any company looking to enhance its image. He is very knowledgeable and offers his wisdom. Ricky has helped my grassroots campaign for sheriff tremendously, without hesitation he created my website, which by the way is fantastic. He is just a great person to deal with professionally.